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January Newsletter

New Year’s Resolutions – What Do They Really Mean?

on December 31, 2012

“Resolution”: a commitment that a person makes to one or more personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit.

This year, instead of the typical obscure goals we normally set for ourselves like, “I’m going to exercise more” and “I’m going to get out of debt” which seem so large, discouraging and almost out-of-reach, why not set small obtainable goals that will help you step successfully to the large yearly goal?

Weight Loss
Focused Goal: At (insert time) everyday, I’m going to exercise for 20 minutes (after a month, increase the time by 10 minutes)
Obscure Goal: I’m going to exercise more

Quit Smoking
Focused Goal: Each week, I’m going to reduce the number of cigarettes I have in half
Obscure Goal: I’m not going to smoke anymore

Focused Goal: 1. determine exactly what you owe (be honest!)
2. from your monthly income, subtract the necessary expenses to find out your discretionary income in which to pay debts from
3. determine which debts get paying priority, like the high interest ones
4. get rid of temptation – toss out catalogs & stop internet shopping, instead, look for money-saving & coupon sites
Obscure Goal: I’m going to get out of debt

Family Time
Focused Goal: *Designate a day of the week for family game night
*Find local attractions that offer free family events & activities and try one once a month
*Family cooked meal: break out that dusty cookbook or grab a recipe off the net and designate each person a task to complete the meal
Obscure Goal: We’re going to have more family time

Remember, resolutions are more sustainable when shared – peer-support makes a difference in success rate with New Year’s resolution, so mark it on your calendar, stick it on your Facebook page, and put it on your family bulletin board!


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